Medical Compression Products

Medical knit compression socks and compression stockings help treat vein disease as well as help other complications related to the venous system. ETI manufactures products for everyone. Man, woman, athlete, elderly, or someone who suffers from Lymphedema or embolisms (blood clots), our compression products can help. Check out our product line below to see what is best for you or your customers.

Sheer Compression Stockings

Basic Jersey Knit Sheer

The Basic Jersey Knit Sheer product line is entry-level compression designed for everyday wear. An ideal addition to the Sheer Essential product line, this offering has been developed for patients requiring only light, therapeutic compression for minor venous issues or wanting the lightest compression for prophylactic use.

Sheer Essentials

Offered in a broad range of sizes and colors, the Sheer Essential products are constructed with a fashionable sheer appearance and are designed to relieve tired, aching and swollen legs. Perfect for both business and evening wear, the Sheer Essential product offering is an excellent, all-around sheer compression offering.

Premier Sheer

Premier Sheer is the definitive medical compression stocking for today’s fashion-conscious female. Designed specifically for women needing inconspicuous venous treatment, Premier Sheer offers unequaled sheerness in a light and comfortable design. Premier Sheer, medical compression in disguise.

Opaque Compression Stockings

Opaque Microfiber

Opaque Microfiber provides medical compression in a classic, semi-sheer legwear. Possessing a soft hand, the value of this product is realized with its lower cost and proven durability. Opaque Microfiber can be formal or casual, day or evening.

Premier Opaque

Premier Opaque has been created to provide medical compression in elegant, non-see through and fashionable legwear apparel. The soft and luxurious touch and ease-of-donning, add to the value of this product when considered with its increased durability. Premier Opaque can be formal or casual, day or evening.


The Surgical products from ETI feature a unisex design and proven graduated compression to treat the more severe forms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). A broad portfolio, with many options, and maximum durability are trademark attributes of the Surgical portfolio.

Premier Surgical

The Premier Surgical products from ETI feature a unisex design and proven graduated compression to treat the more severe forms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). A softer, more supple material than the original Surgical portfolio, Premier Surgical has a focused style offering, with strength and durability remaining the core value.

Women’s Compression Socks

Combining a comfortable and fashionable fit with the health benefits of medically proven graduated compression, the Women’s Sock portfolio suits the needs of women worldwide. The designs are varied but as with all products from ETI, the fit is consistently accurate. The range is unsurpassed in offering a choice of styles, sizes, patterns, fabrics and colors. Available in nylons, microfibers and natural fibers—there is certainly a product for every woman. See below for a list of the varied Women’s Socks:

– Solid Microfiber
– Large Diamond Microfiber
– Small Diamond Microfiber
– Whisper Floral
– Nylon
– Microfiber w/ Scallop Top
– Cotton
– Chain Microfiber
– Zig Zag Rib
– Nylon w/ Copper Sole

Men’s Compression Socks

Long-thought to be an unnecessary compression item, it is now shown that men suffer from venous disease almost as much as women. ETI has always been an industry leader in the development of stylish and comfortable graduated compression socks for men, and that tradition continues to this day. Constructed with the finest materials, natural and synthetic, featuring reciprocated heel pockets, comfort-fit toe pockets, and soft top welts, men can help prevent or treat venous disease in style. See below for a list of the various Men’s Socks:

– Microfiber Pinstripe w/ Cotton
– Microfiber Nylon
– Nylon
– Rayon
– Basic Rib
– Textured Pattern w/ Cotton
– Ribbed
– Microfiber
– Wool
– Sport Performance, ½ Cushioned Sole
– Basic Nylon
– Cotton Basic
– Cotton Premier
– Cotton Blend
– Microfiber Pin Dot

Unisex/Athletic Compression Socks

Designed for everyday wear and broad gender appeal, ETI’s selection of unisex and athletic sock products round-out a complete compression therapy portfolio. Whether the need is athletic, travel or daily living, your customers will be excited this compression therapy option exists. Features like cushioned foot beds, balloon toe pockets, and moisture-wicking fibers, provide day-long benefits of comfort and relief from the effects of venous disease and/or daily living. See below for a list of the readily available Unisex Socks:

– CoolMax® w/ Cushioned Terry Foot
– Hydrotech w/ Copper
– Rayon
– Travel
– Athletic Socks
– Athletic Calf Sleeves

Seamless Diabetic Comfort Socks

ETI provides high-quality diabetic sock options for a growing market of patients with diabetes. Featuring smooth toe seams, extra padding in the foot, heel, and toe, as well as acrylic, multi-fiber yarns to wick away moisture, and an antibacterial, antifungal finish (mild compression only) to help inhibit growth of bacteria and odor prevention, you can be assured your customers will see the value and benefit of this offering.

– Lite Compression
– Mild Compression

Elastic Joint Supports

ETI has a long history of producing commercially viable supports for the knee, ankle, and calf. Offered in various styles and materials, the ETI support portfolio is a great addition to any compression offering.

– Knee
– Calf
– Ankle

Lymphedema Compression Products

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that requires multiple modalities to be incorporated into an effective treatment plan. Compression therapy is a standard application of any long-term management plan. ETI has developed a core selection of circular-knit products to help manage patients affected with this life-long disease.

– Upper Extremity
– Lower Extremity

Anti-embolism Stockings

Offering two separate and distinct anti-embolism portfolios, ETI continues to embrace the need for products designed to help reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the recumbent patient. ETI’s Anti-Embolism stockings are also 100% latex-free.

– First Choice Anti-em
– Retail Anti-em