About Us


Elastic Therapy is the preeminent manufacturer of compression in the world. We created an environment where highly engaged associates come together to deliver value to our stakeholders. ETI is sought after for our expertise, innovation and integrity.


  • Elastic Therapy is the preferred manufacturer of compression products used in the treatment and prevention of venous and lymphatic disease.
  • Our value is in our experience, quality of goods, breadth of capability, ability to scale, research & development, low total delivered cost and U.S. based operation.
  • We are trusted by all stakeholders to deliver on our value and always do what is right.


Since 1989, Elastic Therapy (ETI) has been providing customers throughout the world with a full line of graduated compression products.

ETI’s capabilities and portfolio have evolved with the market. We still produce the old-fashioned thick compression products of yesteryear, and also the latest trends of sheer, high-fashion and athletic products of today’s active adult.

In The Beginning…